~ How Do I Love You? ~

How do I love you?
The ways, I can't count
You've shown me, so much
What love's all about

You've sacrificed all
And filled me with glee
How much do I love you?
Just read, and you'll see

I love you like sunshine
That will keep you warm
I love you enough
To keep you from the storm

I need you as much
As a flower needs rain
I long for your touch
So from that, don't refrain

My heart is all yours
Has been from the start
It's hard to convey
The love for you, in my heart

Your hugs are so cuddly
Your kisses are sweet
And when I look in your eyes
It is such a treat!!

I love you so much
More than words can say
And I wanted to wish you
A Happy Valentines Day

Debbie Looney 01/06/2007

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