How Great Is Our God

 How great is our GOD
Where do we find the words, to describe
The creator of all the universe
Who would choose, in HIS own image
To create each of us.

HE rides on the wings of the wind
The Great I AM, is HE
In the dawn, He brings forth the morning light
In the sky, HE hung the moon and stars
That there be beauty in the dark of night.

In all HIS awesome creation
Indeed is displayed, the working of HIS hand
Each season brings forth a different scene
From the flowers of spring, to the cold winter snow
It is HIS own design, we surely know.

YOUR Love Oh GOD, we cannot ever comprehend
That such a price, YOU willingly paid for our sin
How Great YOU truly are, our dear Father GOD
Thank YOU, we know the road that lies ahead
In love for us, YOU have already trod.

Elizabeth Ann Biggs


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