~ How Much I Love You ~

Do you know how much I love you
How much God loves you too
More than all the stars above you
Set into velvet, blue

I love you more than moonlight
On a balmy, August eve
Or fireflies twinkling June light
Sweet and magical reprieve

More than summer breezes
Through soft leaves of brilliant green
My love, it never ceases
It's a part of everything

I love you more than whitest clouds
Which dot the bluest sky
With you, I can laugh out loud
And I never wonder why

I love you more than flowers
April showers, all that's good
I'd love you from the bowers
Of high towers, if I could

By all I own that's fair and true
With the beating of my heart
My dearest one, I love you
From your side, I'll never part

Faerie's Heart Songs
Tracy R. Cardinet 2007

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