~ How To Be A Good Friend ~

Help your friends when they have needs
Open your heart, show love in your deeds
Wish many blessings upon your friends
Tell them you hope your friendship never ends

Over and over reinforce your love
Be grateful for your friends to God above
Embrace your friends when times are sad
Always be patient and never get mad

Give good advice if your friends ask
Come up with solutions to a difficult task
Openly stand up for a friend
Don't back down and never bend

Friendship's a gift God sent to you
Remember to always give God His due
Include your friends in all you do
Enjoy conversations and laughter, too

Naturally let your heart take wing
Delight in friends' smiles that make your heart sing
Thank God for friendships that help you contend
Without them, life as you know it would come to an end

Beverly Lawyer 2008


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