~ I Am Humbled ~

I am humbled by the fact
Although, as small as I may be
Jesus takes me by the hand
Forever, willing to lead me

I am astonished I'm important
To God, as precious Gold
And my well being is considered
From birth, until I'm old

Even though I've strayed at times
For selfish reasons, I am sure
He still waits, no matter what
And for my ills, He is the cure

I am humbled, more than ever
He's always willing to believe
Confessions from my heart
When I am on, bended knee

I'm astounded by His mercy
Each time that I do error
And I'm happier today
Knowing that He still, does care

I could have no better friend
Then the friend I have above
Even though I've let Him down
I'm still kept within His love

Written by Debbie Looney
Copyright 08/27/2008

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