~ I Behold ~

Every morning, as I arise,
And behold the sun up in the skies;

And walk upon pristine, white sands,
I see the Works of God's Loving Hand!

When I hear the laughter of a small child,
Or the sounds of birds, so free and wild;

Or breaking of waves upon the shore;
I hear my Father's Voice once more!

And when I see the stars shining in the night,
The brilliance of the soft moonlight;

All the mysteries of the heavens above:
I feel, once more, His Unending Love.

When, in reverence, my heart seeks,
The Very One who keeps my heart meek;

And all His wonders with my soul embrace,
I close my eyes and behold His Face!

By Pastor Lynn King
May 1, 2007

Matthew 13:16-17 (KJV)

16} But blessed are your eyes, for they see:
and your ears, for they hear.

17} For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and
righteous men have desired to see those things
which ye see, and have not seen them;
and to hear those things which ye hear
and have not heard them.


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