~ I Believe Again ~

When I see a newborn babe
I believe again, in innocence
A little one, untouched by life
Where God makes perfect sense

When I see a sunrise
I believe again, in God's mighty hand
For to see a perfect day arise
Tells me, God still can

When I see a friendly face
I believe again, in unconditional love
It's then I feel His presence
Shining down on me, from above

When I see my loving family
I believe again, I'm not alone
It is then I feel I'm needed
And His presence, fills my home

Seeing all these things, and more
I believe again, our walk is planned
A predetermined destination
As an hour glass with sand

So when you see a common blessing
Unfolding right in front of you
Believe again in miracles
For that belief in God, is true.

Debbie Looney 02/22/2008

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