~ I Believe You Are ~

You are the brightness of new life
Breaking from the cold of winter earth
The loveliness of warm sunshine
God decreed before your birth

You are a wonder from the vaults of heaven
With a mission to complete
Each fragmental moment you may spend
Creates His masterpiece

You are a diamond in the crucible
Made to shine eternally
The magnificent call upon your life
Creates His symphony

You are the beauty of rich fragrance
Refreshing dewdrops at the dawn
Scattering sparkles with each heartbeat
Where'er your prayers may rest upon

You are a wondrous fireworks display
Exploding life to light the world
From you unfurls the very love of God
I believe, you are His precious pearl

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Life is beautiful, there are diamonds
everywhere we look.
We just need to take the time to see
the beauty in God's creation,
to look when times are rough,
Then they will overpower all our trials and tribulations.
It is even better when we look for them
each and every day.

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