~ I Come To The Garden ~

To wander in the loveliness, I come here with no other thought in view
Than to find my special friend and spend some time with you
What more could we ever need, for such a splendid time
Than this warm and cozy spot, a favorite of yours and mine

There is the climbing sweet entwining rose, exhuding fragrance so divine
A little path leading somewhere to explore, unknown treasures there to find
An awesome lake, with views untold, quite near for squirming toes
We'll wade right in, to jump the ripples and make bubbles just to throw

Then, when we are all done, we'll ache to find a comfy chair
To snuggle in the pretty cushions, with lots of chat to share
You'll pour the tea and I the milk, and sip, while flowers we re-arrange
Sometimes we'll meander in the garden, or just look, while leaning on the rail

Ah, such is the pleasant visit, suiting us quite perfectly
Let's come here much more often now, the favorite spot for you and me
It will still be here tomorrow, places like this can never go away
We just have to imagine heaven and our hearts are there to stay.


Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Pause just now and smell the roses
Pause together now in every way
Pause just now and thank our Heavenly Father.
For every moment every day

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