~ I Felt Your Little Tug ~

A little movement from behind
Then I sense a tender tug
I know it must be you, sneaking by
With a little touch of love

A little flutter in my heart
And you are here on my mind
Tagging along so very near
In these memories of mine

A little sigh in the breeze
I feel and there you are, warm
In my imagination, soft and close
Your very heart is borne

A little rustling of the leaves
I hear your footstep on the path
Oh, if I turn, I'll know you're there
I will see you with my heart

Soft whispers a-tugging from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

"And when, a friend is in your heart,
God will send you a myriad of thoughts and prayers
that you have need to keep, and impart"


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