~ If I Could Live My Life Over ~

If I could live my life over
I would see the miracle and beauty of my birth
I would have more love in my heart
And ask God to take away the hurt.

I would feel more strongly another's happiness and sorrow
I would look at the rain
And see the rainbows of tomorrow.

The birds that sing, the butterflies I feel within my soul
They would all help me grow,
To give me wings that fly
In the Heavens, in the sky.

If I could live my life over
There would be no dark clouds to see
There would be only God in my life for me
The angels would be at my cradle bed
As a bright glow above my head.

Goodness all around
What a wonderful sound
All of nature would be new
In my eyes of blue
God would stay with me
As I glory in his art
To give me a brand new start.

If I could live my life over
I would bless each friend I know
Be thankful and not let go
I would say a prayer for those who are lost or need my help.
Dear Lord send your Holy Spirit out
To help the troubled souls
Help me guide them, in all I learn to know.

If I would live my life over
A better woman I will choose to be
Not to take for granted, the things God gave to me
I will not mourn my losses anymore
Life is too precious to worry all day long
It is God's gift to own, a new beginning is born

Linda Ann Henry İ2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Life is beautiful when God shows you the way

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