~ If I Could... ~
(Until Then...)

If I could...I would take away
The worry from your face;
And give you only laughter
To put back in it's place!

If I could...I would take away
The clouds that fill your skies;
And replace them all with sunshine
Glowing in your dancing eyes!

If I could...I would sweep away
All the burdens in your life;
And replace them all with a 4ever,
Lived in a paradise!

BUT...Until the stars burn up their light...
Until the sun shines no more...
Until the moon can't greet the night,
And waves don't lap the shore...

I'll share with you a helping hand,
ALL I have to give,
To make your life much easier
Each second that you live!

Any way I can be here for you,
Until this life on earth ends...
I'll be reaching out to help you...
Until Then!!


Lynn King February 11, 2007

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