~ If I Knew ~

If I knew that this would be
The last sunset I would see,
I would sit and memorize
Every hue up in the skies;
Until they all faded from sight
In the darkness of the night....

If I knew the day was near
When your voice I'd cease to hear,
I'd sit and listen to each word
As if they were the last I ever heard
And when the sounds died away,
I'd remember everything you'd say....

If I knew this would be our last walk in the rain,
That I would face the others in quiet pain,
I'd hold your hand much longer till
In my mind I could remember still;
I'd stop and hold you closer, dear,
So, that in years to come I'd feel you near....

But these things we never know, my friend,
As to when and how this life might end;
So, while we are still able this life to share,
Let us show each other how much we care;
That when it's over, and memories we're thinking of:
We can say we laughed, and lived and loved!


By Pastor Lynn King
April 17, 2007

Live YOUR lives that others may have memories
of you living, laughing and loving!
We are remembered for how we live, not what we have!~
~In Memory of all who senselessly lost their lives at VA Tech!

~ Pastor Lynn ~


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