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~ If I Was A Rainbow ~

If I was a rainbow I would go above the clouds
I would look at all the people passing by
If I was a rainbow I would catch the sun
I would see the whole world 'till the day was done

If I was a rainbow
I would light up the night
I guess then I would see
If there were any falling stars in my flight

If I was a rainbow, love and peace is what I'd find
Maybe I could see a true love of mine
When I travel, treasures of the heart
Would be for all time

I have lived through the ages,
What beauty I have seen
If you look at a rainbow, see the colors God made
A rainbow was a promise, The Dear Lord gave


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

A rainbow is a gift I call "God's Art"

O beautiful rainbow;--all woven of light!
There's not in thy tissue one shadow of night;
Heaven surely is open when thou dost appear.
And, bending thee above, the angels draw near,
And sing,--"The rainbow! the rainbow!
The smile of God is here."
Mrs. Sarah Josepha (Buell) Hale, Poems

What skilful limner e'er would choose
To paint the rainbow's varying hues,
Unless to mortal it were given
To dip his brush in dyes of heaven?
Walter Dill Scott

Hung on the shower that fronts the golden West,
The rainbow bursts like magic on mine eyes!
In hues of ancient promise there imprest;
Frail in its date, eternal in its guise.
Charles Tennyson Turner

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Midi is used with permission Margi Harrell

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