~ I Found His Love ~

For once in my life I am happy
I found the true meaning of love
It's more than an earthly attraction
It's sent from our Father above

He sent down the one that He cherished
Jesus, His only begotten son
To be a sure sacrifice for all sin
So I would not be lost and undone

There's no one on earth could love me
With half as much love as He does
But so often folks turn Him away
But still those lost souls He still loves

Yes I've found the true meaning of love
It was nailed to an old rugged cross
In shame He died tho' not guilty
And He did it so I won't be lost

If that isn't love to the greatest extent
Then tell me where else I can find
One who could love me and save me?
I tell you He's one of a kind!

Betty Hill 2006



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