~  I Found It All In Jesus  ~

I was so hungry 'til Jesus fed me
So thirsty for water was I
But after I drank from His heavenly fountain
My soul was no longer so dry

I had many trials I could not endure
But Jesus said leave them with me
I am the Savior of all mankind
So put all your trust in me!

I also have rest for all weary souls
Who dare to lean on my breast
My peace I give you now my child
But I expect you to give me your best

There's not one need you could have
That I could not supply
But you must be the one to ask
I'll never ask you, why?

So come to my fountain and drink
Be fed on manna from on high
Be filled with my spirit divine
Be comforted, for I'm always nigh!

Betty Hill 2007


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