~ If They Only Knew ~

I dreamed that I went to Heaven,
And, as I was walking those Golden Streets,
I looked around me in amazement,
Couldn't wait for my loved ones to meet!

But the Streets there seemed so empty,
"Praises to God!" came from so few.
Then I heard His sweet voice saying,
"There'd be more, if they only knew!"

If someone had only told them
Their Salvation was just a decision away.
If someone had only taken the time,
Got down with them on their knees to pray!

If someone had only witnessed,
Their life's story they'd testified.
If someone had only told them then;
It was for them that our dear Savior died!

If someone had shown how He loves them,
Had told how He really cares!
How He suffered and died on a cross made of wood,
Yet He lives! And will always be here!

I stopped and looked around in my sorrow;
At the faithful, the very few;
And tears filled my eyes, as I heard Him say,
"My child, that "someone" was YOU!

I awoke to my tear stained pillow,
Turned over and lay prostrate to pray!
I'd heard my sweet Savior calling,
"Go forth, be my "someone" today!"


Lynn King 2006

~ I am whom I am but for the grace,
glory and MERCY of God! ~
Ephisians 4:4-7 (KJV)

There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are
called in one hope of your callings;
One Lord, one faith, one baptism,
One God and one Father who is above all, and through
all, and in you all!
But unto everyone of us is given grace according to
the measure of the gift of Christ.

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