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~ If Tomorrow Never Comes ~

Tomorrow holds no promise
nor written guarantee
embrace each precious moment
comfort those in need

Count your Blessings daily
be thankful you're alive
give of yourself completely
spread those wings 'n fly


Leave someone with heart-prints
by what you say and do
hug a child, a grown-up
'fore the day is through

Hang onto Faith with passion
let nothing change your mind
trust in yourself, be confident
let no-one bring you down


Stop 'n smell the roses
hear of Nature's song
help the weak, downhearted
remember to stay strong

Pave a road of friendship
be not ashamed to cry
share a smile, bring laughter
in darkness, be the light


Always use good judgment
but never be the judge
try to find forgiveness;
worthless is a grudge

If tomorrow starts without you
will there be regrets?
or do you know for certain
you've always done your best?


Respect your kin 'n elders
and keep an open mind
listen, have compassion
remember to be kind

Tell someone you love them
'fore time slips away
tomorrow waits for no-one
the time is now, today


Know that feelings are fragile
when your words just skip along
be considerate and gentle
speak with careful tongue

When looking in a mirror
what is it that you see?
is the image happy?
are you all that you can be?


When your chair is empty
and you're no longer here
will you leave sweet memories
to those who held you dear?

These are the things I'd whisper
'n plant inside your head
all because 'I love you'
and care about you friend

Rose Marie Streeter 08/24/06

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