~ If We Could See ~

If we could see what she has seen,
Since she left us yester' Eve.
We'd gather 'round to celebrate,
Not gather 'round to grieve.

She's gazed upon her Master's face,
As brilliant as the sun,
And heard His sweet voice tell her
"Your battle now is won"

She's seen the golden city up there in Beulah land
I'll bet she's saw her sister's come take her by the hand
Karen, Pat 'n Julia, so excited to see her face.
Come on Sister Simmons
You've got to see this place!

Oh look up! There's your mansion, The Lord's prepared for you!
'Cause you were so faithful, willing and so true.
She's greeted every loved one
She lost along the way,
Now she's rocking babies, who were too sick to stay.

She's seen the throne of Jesus
Serenaded Him with her song.
If she could only have imagined,
she'd not tarried here so long!

I know she's seen the angel's flying here and there,
Pointing out each treasure, that Jesus made to share.
I can almost hear her calling us
Her voice no longer frail.

Hurry home my sweeties, come let love prevail
If we could see what she now sees,
living up above,
We'd see our precious sister, basking in God's Love!

In Memory of:
Sis. Mary Lou Simmons
Penned by Robert O Grilliot 2006
As inspired by the Lord

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Midi by Michael Joncas
Sequenced by: Tim Drinkard

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