~ If You Can, Beautiful ~

If, you can wake upon the dawn
And hear the birds at play
Then hope is in your heart
To stay with you all day

If, you can feel a zephyr
Soft upon your cheek, the warmth
Of sunbeams glow, then you will be alright
Your moments will be sweet

If, perchance you see the sunset
And wallow in it's spread
Then the night will bring you color
In dreams upon your bed

If, you can reach out to a rose
To touch it's velvet hue
Then, do not worry for tomorrow
God's hope abides in you

If, you delight in baby's smiles
The softness of their cheek
And giggle down inside
Though you would rather weep...

If, you would stroke a kitty
And fondle of it's fur
And listen to some music's lilt
Though much is quite a blur...

Then, don't be all a feared
God's love remains in you
You're resting in His promises
You live within His truth

If you e'er believe in friendship
Though one seems far away
Or long so, for a sweetness
A warmer place to stay

If poems, stories, life still stir you
To crave a happy end
Then don't feel love has gone
For Jesus is your friend

If, you can see through windows
And view the life beyond
Then smile, for there is glory
Where your dear heart belongs...

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Oct 2009

Lovely wrappings sheath
God's gift, of one-day-more;
breathless, I untie the
package, never lived
this day before!
~~ Gloria Gaither

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