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~ I Have A Special Friend ~

I have found a special friend,
And I've placed them in my heart.
I have thanked God, for sending them
But I wish we weren't so far apart.

But we have 'one thing in common'
It's this thing called 'cyber land'
It just happens to be that way
So I'll try and understand.


Why we aren't face to face
But still have the ability
To send our heartfelt feeling
Lots of Hugs to you from me

So I shall count my blessings
That our paths have met
And we'll enjoy each other
Every chance we get

Here on this machine
Out in Cyber space
We can still relate that way
If we're never face to face


It's quite a little miracle
When you stop to think
The miles our words will travel
And still be there in a wink!

So I will send a 'hug or two'
If you're ready for them now
I just hit this button "send"
Then they'll get there somehow!

2005 Betty Hill

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