~ Do I Have The Time ~

Do I have the time to see the sunshine
In between the rain
Do I have the time to listen to a bird sing
If I feel in myself the pain
Do I have the time to watch a butterfly
As I walk down a path, just the same

Do I have the time to wash your tears away
Forget the me I am, and with you stay
Do I have the time to see my dreams come true
I may not have made it, if it was not for you

Put me in a boat, send me out to sea
I will feel the wind, touching me
If I look over a rainbow, wonder before my eyes
I can see a castle, rising in the sky

Do I have the time for moon beams
Stars dancing just for me
Can I share it with someone
Who has needs, that will be

Yes I have the time to help everyone I know
Those I have not met, I will not let go
I have a gift, The Lord God gave to me
I will never forget where I came from
I promise to have the time for those in need.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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