~ I Hear Angels Sing ~

I hear an angel singing
so beautiful and true
Whose words are so heartfelt
so lovely and so new

I feel a gentle hand on mine
I know that it's from God
He created us as special angels
and blessed us from above

I hear an angel whisper
whate'er is in her heart
She always makes me happy
as we both see God's art

I thank you Heavenly Father
for Your gift You've given me
We are Your two angels
and have Your eyes to see

I hear two angels singing
all throughout the land
May You protect them Father
as You hold them in Your hand

We love the Master Poet
who shows us His great light
For we love only goodness
in this world where we take flight

Our wondrous God is close to us
No darkness do we see
We are special angels bound for glory
our souls belong to Thee

Linda Ann Henry 2007

For my angel, heartwhispers,
who showed me God's gift
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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