I Hear A Whisper

~ I Hear A Whisper ~

I hear a whisper
I believe it came from God
He told me my family was proud
My life will not be in vain
Because I die in Jesus' name

I hear a whisper
So very soft
I saw what I had to do
In The Lord, I always will be true

In my last hour,
Let me be, not afraid, I understand
Evil can never touch my heart
I am at peace with my fellow man

I hear a whisper
God tells me what to do
To protect all 40 lives
Help me say The Lord's Prayer
Like you want me too

I hear a whisper in my heart
They may take my life
But I promise those I love
I will put up a fight


Bless me as I come to you
For in eternal love I am one who knew
What it is like to start anew.


Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet
Written for Todd Beamer and the 40 lives who died as hero's
and never stopped believing in God's love.



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