~ I Heard A Voice ~

Upon the wind I hear a voice,
What it's saying is, I have a choice.
To believe in Christ and forever be saved,
If not? Your loss! Be satanís slave.
To live and die; there's so much more,
When He knocks; open the door.

Jesus is the one, who speaks the voice,
He saysĒ Stand-up, be saved, Rejoice!Ē
His arms are open to take me within,
His loving embrace; as He forgives me my sins.
I see the light of His undying love,
It spans across heaven in the sky above.

So the voice I hear blowing across the land,
Has given me faith to make a stand.
To be in the light of His loving grace,
And handle the hardships in this life Iíll face.
To be content knowing my soul is free,
Because I heard a voice; and He saved me!

Paul (ChryWizard) Posney © 2002


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