~ I Heard, I Felt, I Listened ~

I heard you whisper to me today,
I listened to what you had to say.
Your voice came to me like a dove,
Assuring me, of all your love.

You knew I was down, sad and blue,
But I reached out as to hear from you.
You were there right at my side,
And you listened as I sat and cried.


I could feel your love in the air,
I could feel your love for me everywhere.
It seems I felt you hold me tight,
Telling me things would be all right.

I know you really felt my pain,
As I sobbed my tears fell like rain.
I heard you call out to me, your child,
Your voice so tender and so mild.


"Let go of your anger, try to understand,
Everything that happens is part of my plan.
I can't change things just for you,,
Even you have valleys to walk through."

"Do not fear what you cannot see,
Put your faith and all your trust in me.
I will lead you out of the dark into the light,
I will help you make each wrong a right."


"I AM who I AM, I am the Lord your God,
I've always been on each road you have trod.
I have never forsaken you or gone astray,
I am at your side every moment of every day."

As I heard Him say these things to me,
I felt such peace and tranquility.
I knew right there, and I knew right then,
My God had forgiven me of all my sin !!


Brenda D King January 2007


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