~ I Left The Gate Unlatched ~

Today, I left my gate unlatched
Just a little bit ajar
For I had this cozy feeling
You would be walking up my path

I left a little trail of petals
So my front door you may find
As you wander through the flowers
In fragrance e'er divine

I'd hear your footsteps coming
With anticipated breath
While waiting at the window
With all that's wanting to be said

You would close the gate behind you
Prepared to stay a while
And I would call aloud your name
And watch you break into a smile

I'd say, see my table ready over there
Just sit, and wait for me
For I will bring a serving tray
So we can share a cup of tea


Soft whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

Be natural; forget yourself;
be so absorbed in what you are doing and in
the realization of the presence of God, and in the glory and the
greatness of the Truth that you are living, and the occasion that
brings you together,...that you forget yourself completely. That is the
right condition; that is the only place of safety; that is the only way
in which you can honor God, to be so taken up with,
and so enraptured by, the glory of what you are doing,
that you forget yourself altogether.
~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones ~


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