I want to write, such as to comfort
An angel brush your cheek,
Soft and warm and tender
Some loveliness to seek.

The coldest wind blew on your soul
The blast of deepest winter,
Swept away your dearest love
Barely with a whimper.

He was taken that day, just as he loved
Safe from any harm,
You lifted your eyes to heaven's promise
As he was lifted from your arms.

God's gentle love enveloped you
He gripped you, oh so tight,
Urged you not to fear,
Whispered love into your night.

He carried you from heart to heart
As other's shared their light,
God's peace protecting every thought
Assuring it will be alright.

But then, you laid upon his bed
His warmth still there, so close to feel,
Your heart was wrenched, torn apart
Too weak to even kneel.

Oh God, the pain, it sears my soul
Hold me, or I break,
Rock me in Your soothing touch
For Your glory's sake.

Don't let me be this broken Lord
Heal me, so I can give
Sweep the fear away and fill the space
With courage now to live.

I love our home, he's here with me
I see his smiling face,
I hear his cheery whistle
Flow from his heart of grace.

His voice is calling from the shed
I pause by the door to check,
Imagine him walking in
To kiss me on the neck.

Oh, take me by the hand dear Lord
To walk this path of grief,
I lift my eyes to You each day
Your strength is all I seek.

The tears for now, just have to flow
You're collecting every one,
May every sob, drop by drop
Mean a little of my grieving is done.

Then deep inside my soft cocoon
This heaving ache can cease,
Lord, I need strong wings to fly
To sing only of Your peace.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


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