~ I'll Always Think Of You ~

I think of what it means to me to have a friend like you,
Someone I know is always there, someone wholl see me through.
No matter what the circumstance, if Im happy or Im sad,
Ill always think of you, my friend, in good times or in bad.

We have been there for each other as we walked through each day
When I was hurting, you were there to hear each word Id say.
Youve never, ever let me down, your comfort always there.
I always think of you, because I know how much you care.

And when you went through your bad times, Id be there for you, too
Those heartbreaks of the days gone by, I suffered along with you.
I try to be the friend to you, that you have been to me.
I always think of you, my friend, I miss your company.

I treasure all the times weve had when we shared ourselves each day
We laughed, we cried, we walked and said the things we had to say
And every time I need someone to share a thought or two
I know that in those special times, Ill always think of you.

Karen Bunker
February 11, 2006


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