This computer is a smart machine
Sometimes it actually gets real mean

When I hit send, and it goes nowhere
I see my message just sitting there

Soon I am quite a bit upset
I'll figure out it's mean tricks yet

I'll get up early and go to bed late
To study this thing I'm beginning to hate

Some programs on it's tricky mind
If there's a way, I'm gonna find

Just which button I need to click
To outsmart this 'PUTER.  I'll get it fixed

I hate those little messages it sends
That one's wrong, now try again

I've tried every thing that comes to mind
But it speaks a language of a different kind

Like alt, and oops, and copy and paste
So much of my time it tries to waste

But I'll get even I've "NO DOUBT"
That's enough, I'll pull the plug out

Shut it down and silence all
Now, who's the one having a ball ?

Betty Hill   2005


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