~ Illusion ~

The veil of darkness has been lifted
A vision of you crosses the barrier of time
I try to focus on your face
But you're an illusion trapped inside my mind.

I search inside this empty heart of mine
Which once was embraced by your caress
No longer do I feel your tender touch
For an illusion of you has made it less.

But alas, your memory is harbored there
Forever gnawing at my core
This empty heart still beats as if....
This illusion was asking for more.

Would I chance this heart to grasp
This illusion that taunts to stay
Not knowing if it can be trusted again
And find you're just another beat away?

But as the memories of my mind
Reach out for you this day
Slowly the illusion starts to fade
As I beg for it to stay.

If together we are to have a chance
The illusion of your heart restored
You must relent of false pretensions
And prove your love for me once more.

Not wanting this veil of darkness to return
I search for answers therein
But they elude my inquiring mind
As this illusion comes forward again.

Linger not this weary soul
Illusion from me depart
Having played this wicked role before
Lest you tear it all apart.

This vision is trapped inside my mind
Face to face we'll never be
Alone in my thoughts and my dreams
This illusion will forever haunt me.

Chee Chee Martin and Steve Politte 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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