~ I Love Texas ~

Nothing can compare to Texas.
I have been from coast to coast.
Although I am not a Texan by birth
It gives me a right to boast.

Thirty years ago I felt their humor
As they laughed when I said "you guys"
Always calling me a darned Yankee
Until "ya'll" I learned to rectify.

They told me about armadillos
The weirdest looking animal I've seen
And tarantulas that could jump three feet
That would certainly make me scream.

You may see a wealthy rancher
Buying dinner for his ranch hands
All dressed in jeans and cowboy boots
And you can't tell who tends the land.

The town rallies to the cause
When someone is down on their luck
With all sorts of fund raisers
They collect .... not pass the buck.

If you are stranded on the roadway
To the rescue they will come
In their big pickups with grill guards
And window racks to hold their guns.

With names like Billy Bob and Bubba
They are very proud of their state.
They are famous for their steak houses,
Tex-Mex cuisine and big BBQ plates.

Texans are definitely good folks
And to Colorado they will roam
To take in a little snow skiing
Since there isn't any snow at home.

If you live in the middle of Texas
A full day's drive it will take
Seeing mesquite trees and sage brush
Just to get out of the state!

If you can't take the heat
Don't visit in August, July, or June.
The highest I've seen is 114
So we keep our AC's in tune.

If the wind is blowing 10 mph
When the temperatures are higher
It feels like your face is being
Blasted by a hot hair dryer.

It costs too much to water
So our grass is not really green.
The rain divides right around us
The likes of which I had never seen.

I'm proud to call Texas my home.
To my heart, it is very dear.
It's uniqueness is hard to understand
Until you have truly lived here.


Carol Barton 2006
Dedicated to Lynn Pichla 1953-2006
A friend who will be greatly missed.

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