~ Imagine ~

Imagine a world without color
where everythingís black and white,
a world without a rainbow,
and no fields of gold in sight.

Or think of the child born blind,
never seeing his motherís face,
not knowing how blue the sky is,
or seeing the vastness of space.

To never see the autumn trees
as they turn to gold and red
and never watch a baby
sleeping peacefully in their bed.

And then I stop and wonder
what I'd feel if I could not hear.
To never know the joy
of my childís whispers in my ear.

To never hear the ocean
as the waves beat upon the sand,
to never hear the seagulls
as they soar above the land.

So today as I look out my window
and hear the children at play,
I will say a prayer of thanks
for the beauty God brought me today.

© 2005 Forrest Phelps-Cook
Reflections from the Heart

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