~ I'm Guilty ~

I'm guilty of passing the time away
Daydreaming for hours, everyday
Watching the clouds as they float by
Laying here staring, at the blue sky.

Watching the clouds take shape and form
Creating images as the sun starts to warm
Feeling the breeze caress my face
Kissing it tenderly with such grace.

Closing my eyes, my hearing is keen
Listening to the birds, as they sing
Aromas of flowers wafting through the air
Creating illusions, not giving a care.

Insects buzzing around my head
The sandman has me by a thread
Sighing deeply and starting to doze
Time has no meaning, I'm releasing my woes.

I'm guilty of shedding all my fears
It's been a long journey, it's taken me years
But I've succumbed to an easy life
No more stress and no more strife.

Becoming one with what God did create
Continuing forward, at my own pace
Creating a paradise here on Earth
Sharing my daydreams, for what it's worth.

Chee Chee Martin 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul


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