~ In Accordance ~

There would come a time
when my need was greater
than my excuse.
When what I valued crumbled
into grains of humility
and sifted through grasping fingers-
leaving nothing to hold onto but
The God
who had long and quietly
through every season,
whispered my name.

There would come a time
when my heart would shatter
into a thousand pieces of brokenness
and my creator would pick up each piece,
intertwining the fragments with his spirit,
to make a living mosaic,
holding all the pieces together
with the sacred mortar of his love,
and my splinters
would become his splendor.

There would come a time
when the vessel I'd become
would sink,
drowning in my own foolish tears
forgotten and forsaken
by those I loved most.
But never once forgotten,
never once forsaken--
by the one who loved me most...
He would patch my soul
with Truth and float me
down his river of living water.

There would come a time
from every moment there ever was
and every moment there ever would be
that I would shout his name
into the heavens,
unto every star
and all the universe,
that I would call on that name
shining in my darkness-
that I would seek
the gondolier of the galaxies
and He would answer:



Sharon Frye 2010

Not all of life is poetry, but sometimes in our midst--
we see the days embraced and moments that are kissed...
and each of us a laureate, who lives, not just exists!
Sharon Frye

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