~ In Any Storm ~

Dear Father, hold fast every heart
As You alone can do
May each one know Your tender love
Whate'er they may be passing through

If there is someone hurting so
Throughout the USA
May Your angels hold them close
And lead them in Your way

If there is sorrow borne in any state
In sad memory of loss
Please, comfort all those hurting
With love found at the cross

May eyes of faith keep looking up
To see the future in Your light
Spread calm in every heartache
With Your love in the night

Give strength to all the weary
Open hope unto the poor
Grant sleep to all the frightened
May each soul know You more

May trust come as a miracle
To find some hope in pain
Oh Lord, spread Your wings of comfort
Enfold them in the rain


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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