~ We Are Beautiful In God's Eyes ~

When I pray, I also talk to God
Sometimes I ask God if He loves me
His answer is always the same
In Jesus Christ, God sees us as beautiful
In His eyes

He created us for His goodness
He wants us to live in peace
When each little child comes into this world
He asks the angels to sing

He cares for our souls because He made us
He does not want us to cry,
If we do, He also cries
When we are happy, He will know why

We were born with a purpose
To see the beauty He gives
The marvel of the birds that sing and fly
For in the blue sky
They are near God, who loves you and I

God always forgives our sin
If we pray and repent deep within,
He will call us from the heavens
Be glad He is Our Father then-
For in Him life is very special
We can touch a tree and flowers never fade
A red robin flies and sings
All so wonderfully made

If we can love another and ourselves as well
Then God will be pleased
And through the suffering we have
Beauty comes to be
God will hold our hand through eternity
Love will set us free,
For our hearts, God will never leave

Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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The picture of Jesus is
from the beautiful art of Greg Olsen.

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