~ In Memory Of Momma ~

With the holidays upon us
As we go our merry way
Some one Oh, so special
Is missing from my world today

You see, we said goodbye to momma
Near thanksgiving day
She was 101 years old
But I wanted her to stay

I know that must sound selfish
When I speak my heart's desire
But, I've had her for 75 years
And I'll sure miss her tomorrow

A wonderful mother to 12 children
That she tended to so dear
And every one of my "Christmas's
Momma has always been here

It seems I can still hear her singing
As she praised and worshiped the Lord
For she was a lover of Jesus
And taught us to sing and love His word

I always felt so special
As she would remind me of my birth
You see, I share the same birthday
As our precious Lord

Yes, sweet Momma we'll all
Be missing you today
But one day soon, we'll meet again
In that land so far away

Betty Hill 2009

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Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell


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