~ The Inner Child ~

Doing cartwheels across the yard
Jumping and squealing with glee
Laughing so hard and falling down
 Such is the child in me.

Spinning and turning until I'm dizzy
Being so carefree
Not giving a care about too much
Such is the child in me.

Playing tag and hide 'n' seek
Marveling at what I see
Picking lots of pretty flowers
Such is the child in me.

Acting just like a tomboy
Climbing the tallest tree
Yelling like I'm Tarzan
Such is the child in me.

Running till I'm outta breath
Falling and skinning my knee
Skipping stones across the creek
Such is the child in me.

Kneeling by my bed at night
Hoping He hears my pleas
Having so much faith and love
Such is the child in me.

Even though I'm up in years
On this you should agree
Keep this child within your heart
This child that's in you and me.

Chee Chee Martin 2007 
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul


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