~ Innocence Lost ~

Back when I was just a child
Before I lost my innocence
Life was simply beautiful then
It's not been that way since.

Time changes people and things
Views are rearranged
What once was held in high esteem
Is now obscured and deranged.

Respect for authority and our elders
Has been forever lost
Children killing children
Now having to pay the cost.

Their innocence is now gone
Forever, just like mine
It's happening at a younger age
They were taught to be unkind.

Wanting what is not theirs
And taking it just because
Crying once they are caught
Never obeying the laws.

Parents looking the other way
As their children roam the streets
Committing acts of violence and crime
All the while, blaming you and me.

Never knowing of our Lord
It's someone they've never heard of
He's been removed from their lives
They'll never know of His undying love.

So what is this world coming to?
When we no longer speak His name
It's full of hatred and violent acts
The devil has made his claim.

Teach your children of Our Lord
The Bible is what they should read
Help to change their life and destiny
Always plant the seed.

Chee Chee Martin © 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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