On the outside I'm imperfect,
As others tend to see
But the beauty they are missing,
Will be found inside of me

My character's not flawless
And I may not be the best
At times, I wallow in my mire
You must look deep, to see the rest

I am made up of compassion
If you'll nod, I'll smile your way
I'll go that extra mile
To happily, make your day

Even though you think you see me
The part you're viewing is obscure
To really know the "who I am"
You must look beyond the blur

I am God's child, and He loves me
Just the same as anyone
If you but look a little closer
Through me, you'll see His son

On the outside I'm imperfect
As we sometimes all can be
And if you look a little harder
You will see inside of Me!

Debbie Looney 07/11/2007


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