~ In The Hands of Angels ~

You or a loved one has suffered a physical, debilitating change
In your life, one that is out of your control;
You feel helpless, frightened, and alone,
They have been entrusted to total strangers;
You feel this strife is more than both of you can bare;

But God is over head;
He loves and has sent you providers;
I call them ĎThe Hands of Angelsí
They are Godís ministering Angels,
By their very demeanor,

They display empathy, tenderness, love, mercy,
Compassion, sympathy and much more than that,
They honestly care.
These are the Doctors, the trained therapist,
The nurses, nursing assistance, the ancillary staff,

Each one groomed in their field.
Protecting, curing, until the wounded, and helpless are healed.
They do not do this work for vain glory, honor, or fame,
They do not tend to the helpless, their names the world to proclaim,
In each patientís lives they move and have their being,
They take pride in their abilities, and their profession,

For itís the patients care they are thinking of,
In each one they have staked their claim of love.
They have put their own woes, and personal problems,
At the beginning of their shift, on shelves;
Thinking not of themselves,

But the lives of the helpless and needy,
Itís for this they were called and
Itís for this that they live,
They lend themselves daily to their profession,
God has given them the greatest gift of all,
He has given them the ability to love others as they love themselves.

© Janice Bumbalough Marler
July 2, 2007

Dedicated to the trained Technicians, Nurses,
Assistant Nurses, Doctors, and staff
At Maria Paraham Medical Rehabilitation Center
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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