~ In The Night ~

In the night when all is quiet
thoughts of you come to mind
As I look out my window
I watch the snow fall
on the trees and the pines

I see the stars shining,
the air feels so fresh
I step outsight for just a moment
all is silent in the night

If you were here
the night would be
a great deal brighter
The constant moon,
all white and the deer
In the distance
are so much a part
of drawing you near

If you were with me
the night would have
a purpose for me
The pure snow which is drifting
and the wild life, I see
coming out of the forest
would be all we are
God, in His wisdom created
reflecting the love in our heart

I feel your arms holding me
your brown eyes, so full of love
I hold your hand in mine
we are one, our love is peaceful
as is the quiet of the night

When my dream ends
I put you back in my heart
I hope and pray, my lovely dream
will come to pass
together in the beautiful quiet
of another winter's night

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do remember me
The people's poet

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