~ In The Eyes Of A Child ~

Wish upon a star, my child
For in my heart you live
In your eyes, delight I see,
There is so much love
I have to give

When you were a little baby
I would rock you to sleep
Sometimes I sang you a lullaby
You are so beautiful
In your eyes I see the love of life

Look at the sunrise overhead
May you dream of a prince to come
I hope you grow to be good and kind
When the time is near,
I will help you spread your wings
To me, you mean everything

Through your eyes, together let us watch the stars
The future, whatever you want it to be
My heart will be here for you to find
As I watch your beauty and grace
Like a swan upon a lake...
A ballerina dancing to music in your mind

A gift from Heaven, an angel sent
My only one, I have no regret
In your eyes, the wonder of a child I see
You were made out of love
and given to me


Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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