~ In Tune With The Seasons ~

Feel the rain upon your face
Let the wind caress your skin
Get in tune with Mother Nature
Feel it from within.

Listen to the sounds of nature
Songs the birds will sing
The harmonizing of all the insects
The sounds that represent spring.

Smell the essence of the flowers
Everything now has turned green
They thrive in the rays of the sun
Creating a beautiful scene.

For summer is now here at last
The birds tell us this is so
The hot days and warm nights
The setting sun with its awesome glow.

Watch the leaves come tumbling down
A chill is in the air
All the animals are scurrying about
Mother Nature has made them aware.

Beautiful colors are everywhere
Autumn has made its debut
Stripping the trees of their leaves
Warm days, there are but a few.

Touch the snow as it falls
It makes everything look so clean
There is a quietness all around
Everything is so serene.

Winter has announced its arrival
As the winds came howling in
Roaring like a ferocious lion
The bitter winds will sting your skin.

I am in tune with all the seasons
I greet each one with open arms
Their departure and arrival I witness
Mother Nature sounds her alarm.


Chee Chee Martin 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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