The Invitation

The Invitation

 The Invitation Read:
Come just as you are.
No need to have a map;
Just follow the Morning Star!

Don't worry how you're dressed,
Stained, dirty or thread-bare.
I'll meet you at the Gate.
My Mantle you may wear!

I'll wash away your stains
In the Fountain that flows so free
The Fountain of my Blood
Opened at Calvary!

At my table you will sit;
A chair is reserved for you.
A banquet fit for Kings.
Just answer is all you must do!

We'll stroll gardens of lushest green,
Anything to your delight.
We can sit in the warming sun.
No longer will there be night!

But I must receive your RSVP
Before it is too late;
For if you arrive without my seal,
You will find a closed, locked gate!

No need to bring a gift!
I only want your heart!
I'll be looking for you soon!
Come just as you are!

And as I looked down through eyes
From flowing tears that sting,
I was amazed there to find;
It was signed: The King of Kings!

Will you answer His invitation?
Will you feast there by His side?
He'll meet you with love and kindness,
His precious Arms will be open wide!

Lynn King February 27, 2007

'I Am Whom I Am but by the AMAZING GRACE of God! I am but HIS Conduit! To Him I give ALL the Praise, Honor and Glory FOREVER!

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Midi is used with permission Margi Harrell

"The Invitation" © Danny Hahlbohm

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