~ In Your Arms ~

Hold me in your arms
Whisper sweet nothings in my ear
Let us dance the hours away
In your arms I want to stay

Take me in your arms, my love
I feel your heartbeat next to mine
I am singing, while your feet keep time
When you put your lips close to me
A sweet kiss, locked in my memory
As with all your heart
You hold me in your arms

Never let this night end
I know now forever we will be
Two souls as one, that is all that we can see
Finding you here, love flowing in the air
This white dress I will always want to wear
In your arms, I am part of you
One hand, one heart, one life forever new

When we are old and our hair is snowy white
We still will make a glorious sight
As we take the floor once more
Only two young people, seem to dance
As if they were in a trance
But it will always be me and you, my darling
Holding me in your arms

Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people poet


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midi...I want to spend my life loving you
Tina Arena & Marc Anthony


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