~ I Offer Only ~

I have nothing to offer but my body and heart
Is this enough for our love to start?
I can't give you riches like money and pearls
The riches I have, are, my love for one girl.
I could shower you in kisses and poems of love
They would fall upon you as rain from above.

I would always be faithful; I'd hold our love strong
In my arms you'd feel safe; protecting you from all that is wrong.
You would always be beautiful even if I were blind
Is this the kind of love you're hoping to find?
I can be a good lover…. Just give me a try
One promise I'll make is to you I won't lie.

The love that I look for, the love that I need
Is a love that won't hurt or make my heart bleed!
A love that’s returned in both; body and soul
A love that will last… long after; we're old.
A love full of kindness and yes patience too
That’s the kind of love, I offer to you.

If this sounds like the love you want in your life
Then tell me you love me and you'll be my wife.
I'll cherish you always, above other things
All that it takes, is to wear my wedding ring.
There may be some times we'll both disagree
But, no matter who's wrong or right

Always... I'll love thee!


Paul (ChryWizard) Posney ©  2006

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