artwork by Chris Landrun

~ I Saw ~

I swear I saw Angel's feet
Dancing on the silver clouds,
Heralding His coming,
Trumpets blasting loud!

Sunlight was shining through
From the sky behind.
And I could almost see my Savior's face
In His Glory so Divine!

I could feel the everlasting love
That only He can give,
And knew that He's been with me
Every moment I have lived.

When it seems that this Child of Light
Walks in a world of disgrace,
I'll lift my eyes unto the sky
And glimpse my Savior's face!


Lynn King 2005

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Artwork by Chris Landrun

ACW Graphics

Midi entitled "King Of Israel"
Copyright 2002 by
Rhesa Siregar, Paul Gentry,
Larry Holder and Elton Smith

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