I've got news for you my dear friend
Your halo has slipped and is showing
I knew all along you were an angel
There was a part of you always glowing.

You've kept your halo hidden all this time
But now it's in plain view
No point in denying God sent you here
To help me and see me through.

But tell me something my angel friend
What did you do with your wings
How could you keep those hidden from me
They are such enormous things.

Maybe I wasn't paying attention
Or maybe you just tricked me
Could it be your wings and halo were showing
And I just plain didn't see.

I'm so glad you came into my life
I was at the end of my rope
Without you in my life dear friend
I was quickly giving up hope.

Thank you Lord for sending me an angel
She's really helped me to mend
She means so very much to me
She's my light, my joy, my friend.

Chee Chee Martin 2004

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